Poor Signal and Picture Quality

Does your TV pixelate or have signal drop outs?

Firstly, we need to determine exactly where the fault or faults are. This can be achieved by a visual inspection and signal meter to troubleshoot the problem. A cost effective solution and then be discussed to correct the problem.

Where are previously the analog system required quantity of signal, the new digital systems require the right amount of quality signal. Too much signal can be just as harmful as not enough. Old type splitters and connections/wall plates can cause problems. The location of the antenna on your roof may require moving to recieve the optimal signal.

Reception problems may occur at any time after the inception of the digital signal at which stage Your signal quality can be deminished due to external factors such as storms, or high winds etc. Once a digital signal has deminished, your areal network will need to be examined to determine where the problem exists. Simple tips Have you tried retuning your tv Have you checked your TV antenna Have you checked your cabling, splitters and connections? upgraded to ensure you recieve a high quality, constant signal.

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